A 10collectivist and our Consulting Practice Manager, Robine.

October 12, 2015 | By Priya Bhana

Robine (Bean / El Beano) is our Consulting Practice Manager hailing from the land of the long white cloud (New Zealand, Aotearoa). Bean takes care of all our consultants out and about with our favourite clients delivering jaw dropping solutions and kick ass advice.

In between balancing the numerous coffee, lunch and breakfast appointments she is an avid TV and movie nerd.  El Beano has been known to strum the guitar, write the odd tune and is scared of ironing boards, and we challenged her to tell us about her Desert Island Discs…

Veruca Salt – 8 Arms To Hold You

90’s band that lays to waste your ideas of what a “girl band” can do in a beautiful, melodic, non-sappy way. Confident but not arrogant, I saw them live for the first time when I was 16 pretending to be 21 and I still have the VHS of their single, Shutterbug which my sister and I played on repeat (yup, VHS).

Stand-out Track: With David Bowie

Ryan Adams – Ryan Adams

Am I allowed to bring him to the island?!
This is my guy – loving his new album and he recently smashed it at the Forum with his band, The Shining.

Stand-out Track:  My Wrecking Ball

Lucius – Wildewoman

Stumbled onto Lucius, a two-girl-three-guy quintet from Brooklyn, in Chicago. This is the band I wish I was in! Their music is enchanting but it’s their matching wigs and outfits that push them into the top 8.

Stand-out Track: Two Of Us On The Run

Paolo Nutini – Caustic Love

Paolo is a gorgeous Scottish singer/songwriter with three albums all of which are fabulously different. Iron Sky kills me every time.

Stand-out Track: Iron Sky

The National – Trouble will find me

I think having this album on the island would be like having someone with you to talk to. Matt Berninger would do an excellent job of keeping me company with his musings and distracting baritone vocals.

Stand-out Track: Pink Rabbits

Sola Rosa – Magnetics

Latin flavour with reggae – I dare you not to boogie with this album on. I love all the collaborations they have going on and are so good live!!

Stand-out Track: Can We Get It Together

Black Seeds – On the Sun

Summer = Black Seeds at a festival or small coastal bar somewhere in NZ.
Get the BBQ on and whack on your jandals… sorry I mean thongs…..still weird.

Stand-out Track: Fire

The Wedding Singer Soundtrack

Google it! I love me some drunken karaoke and this album has all my fav’s on there. I know some of you will think this is cheating but it’s not.

Stand-out Track: Don’t Stop Believing (just a little bit appropriate given the desert island scenario).