A 10collectivist and our Service Design Practice Manager

May 18, 2016 | By By Priya Bhana

Karen (Kaz) is our Service Design Practice Manager; she comes to us with a diverse corporate portfolio – think banking, energy, airlines, insurance and agriculture to name a few – paired with design consulting.

When not working on exciting Service Design and Digital solutions with our people, Karen is using chalk-paint to restore furniture, walking wildlife trails in inner Melbourne, brunching endlessly and working out her next annual retreat location (Ayurveda in India is the next one).

We put our new addition to the Desert Island Disc challenge and here’s what Kaz is taking to the Island…

Jimi Hendrix – Electric Ladyland

An album that really needs no introduction – this guitar genius captures the mood of the late sixties, with a mix of psychedelic pop, rock and of course, blues. This, the third and last studio album has one of my favourite covers, Bob Dylan’s All Along The Watchtower.
I discovered his music in my late teens and never get tired of his blues guitar genius, especially 15-minute tracks! What he could have produced, if only…

Key Track – Voodoo Chile

Mark Lanegan – Bubblegum

Fronted by the former singer from The Screaming Trees, Mark Lanegan’s voice is raw honey, infused with ground-up glass poured over supple leather (yup, take a listen!). 
While this album has been accused of being too commercial due to his collaboration with other artists, I think it adds to the richness and darkness of the lyrics and sound. 
I saw him at The Corner Hotel, accompanied by a harmonica and a single guitarist – it was one of the most awesome gigs I’ve ever seen. Also check out Mark Lanegan with Isobel Campbell – it nearly converted me to country music… but not quite.

Key Track – Methamphetamine Blues

PJ Harvey – Songs From the City Songs From The Sea

What an awesome woman!! Every track on this album resonates with me – perhaps because of its ode to New York City, but also because it speaks to a bunch of raw and real emotions. I love the passion in every song; from the joy of the first track Big Exit, the passion of Kamikaze and the beauty of We Float. It’s a great album to scream-sing to!

Key Track – One Line

Foo Fighters – In Your Honour

Ok, there are lots of Foo Fighters albums to choose from, including The Colour and The Shape – but this one gets me every time. Dave Grohl, oh my lord, you rock my man! The tracks on this album are so diverse – I’m head-banging one minute and crooning the next. I do love an awesome rock album and this one never fails to deliver what I need when I crank it up – LOUD!!!

Key Track – Best of You

KD Lang – Ingenue

With the voice of an angel, KD Lang’s purity of vocals never cease to amaze me. The songs on this album are a beautiful mixture – fun, poignant and simply beautiful. Soothing to the ears, soul and body, this will always be one of my favourites.

Key Track – Save me

Grace Woodroofe – Always Want

This album showcases incredible song writing skills that come from the heart. Her ode to the loss of Heath Ledger, H. is heartbreaking. I love her husky vocals and I have been caught crooning along on a lazy Sunday morning to her softer songs. She’s been more recently known as ‘Grace’ – so young, and so very, very talented!

Key Track – Bear

Prince – Umm…Nearly Every Album Eva

Ok, I saved the best for last and have taken two album slots for this man. Prince is my ultimate artist. He is THE modern day musical genius of all time. Of. All. Time. I fell deeply in love with him and his music at 15 years of age when a friend shared Controversy with my ears, heart, mind and body. You can only imagine how 1999 and Purple Rain affected me. I could go on and on and on about him being the best electric guitarist, composer, instrumentalist in the world but…

… I guess I will focus on a few favourite albums – Purple Rain – there’s been nothing like it before, nor since. 1999 – has the longest tracks and is so sexual! THEN I went backwards in time and discovered For You and Prince. Lovesymbol O(+> still blows my mind (and body) every time I play it – check out Melt With U when you want a little sexy, funky time! Parade needs no introduction with When Doves Cry and Kiss. 3121 – Black Sweat and Beautiful, Loved and Blessed, are favourite songs and his last two albums – HITNRUN Phase One and Phase Two so cool, so funky.

I saw him in Melbourne 5 times – the last was twice in February 2016 – for the last time. I almost refuse to believe he’s gone and am only coping with the loss knowing that we now might get to hear the thousands of songs he has locked away in the Vault. There will never be anyone as musically genius as that man ever again. 
And good Lord, he was sexy. S-e-x-y.