A redheaded 10collectivist – Lloyd Berry

July 6, 2015 | By By Priya Bhana

Lloyd has been with 10c since 2014 and is the ‘go to’ guy for all candidate and client questions, office power-cuts or anything Fitzroy-related given he lives just down the street. In between meetings, consulting and watching ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ you’ll find Lloyd consuming every flavour of ‘football’ available – be it Australian (AFL), English (EPL) and especially American (NFL)…oh and working on the Desert Island Disc challenge we set him….

I get the feeling that if I’m going to a Desert Island for the rest of my life, what music I bring is going to be the least of my problems. First of all, I’m a Ginger and this island doesn’t sound like it has too much shade to protect me. Let alone Sunblock. Bugger.

Anyway, let’s give this thing a crack in chronological order…

David Bowie – Hunky Dory

Probably the best A-Side to any record I’ve ever heard. With Rick Wakeman on the piano and Bowie at his dramatic best, I can’t think of a better string of songs back-to-back.

Key Song: Life On Mars

Aphex Twin – Richard D James Album

Listening to the first 10 seconds of this album redefined what ‘music’ is to me (yes I know that sounds wanky). This is his best ‘album’ from end to end and I highly recommend people to give it a go.

Key Song: 4

Radiohead – OK Computer

It’s difficult to explain how good this album is – mostly because I’m such a terrible writer. I could talk for hours about the merits of every song on this album, and it’s mainly around Jonny Greenwood’s wizardry. I wanted to be Jonny for a minute there, with his sunburst Fender Telecaster and Adidas Originals, he was the coolest guy on earth in my eyes.

Key Song: Let Down

Madvillian – Madvilliany

The ultimate hip-hop concept album. MF Doom is clearly a once in a generation artist, and with Madlib on the beats it is the perfect match between Vocals and Instrumentals.

Key Song: Accordion

J Dilla – Donuts

Again, this is a genre-defining album. Dilla helped shape the idea of what a hip-hop instrumental could be, and still hear his influence in album after album (i.e.: Kendrick’s Momma. Ineffably good.

Key Song: U Love

Burial – Untrue

This album came out of nowhere and definitely has it’s place around midnight on my desert island. The 2-step beats and distant vocal samples really make this an ‘on-repeat’ style album.

Key Song: Shell of Light

Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavillion

Any self-respecting hipster needs an Animal Collective album with them at all times – in my case its Merriweather Post Pavillion. They were a good band before this, but MPP made them great!

Key Song: Brother Sport

Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

I don’t know where you really start with this one, I think Yeezy brought his game up a whole ‘nother level with MBDTF. Definitely the most intense album on this list, this is going to be the real party album for the island.

Key Song: Monster