New vs Old Animation

September 9, 2013 | By Felicity Cull

Last week we posted this video on our Facebook page. It’s an ‘animation’ of the retro game Space Invaders, by artist Guillaume Reymond. Check it out:

Pretty amazing stuff, huh? I decided to look further into Guillaume Reymond’s work and found this video of another project he did; here, the movement of 110 students animates the face of a tower block.

How cool is that?! There’s a point about two minutes in where tower block genuinely looks like it is undulating. I love it. Then there’s this one in which a group of dancers spell out a famous Bowie lyric:

I love these projects (you can read more about them here). They really got me thinking about animation. If you, like me, kinda like ye olde fashioned animation and CGI leaves you a bit cold, this technique is really interesting because it uses people’s bodies + relatively simple film techniques and the results are beautiful and new but also seem old-fashioned. I mean, what animators can do these days is hugely impressive but there’s something about moving drawings that really gets me. I am seriously almost as impressed by the first animation ever from 1914 as I am by Toy Story or anything similar. Have you seen it? Check it out:

I think Gertie is really watchable and I can’t tell if it’s straight nostalgia that makes me feel that way, or if it’s because I like moving drawings more than I like rendering that looks so close to life-like without actually being real that the humans and animals it depicts look like weird hybrids.

What do you prefer? Let us know in the comment section.

Featured image by Robert Couse-Baker.