Senior PHP Developer


Role: Senior PHP Developer
Ref: 15385466
Location: Hobart, TAS
Availability: 1 – 2 weeks

I’ve had over 12 years of web developer experience, so if you’re looking for a PHP expert that can work from Hobart or are happy for me to fly in on occasion – look no further!

This Senior Web Developer based in Hobart is well worth profiling due to his extensive career where he is now offering consulting and direction on PHP projects. He is frequently in Melbourne and a great communicator so please don’t discount him for his Tasmanian location (he’s also a down to earth lovely guy!)

As a Team Lead and Systems Architect this developer has worked with police criminal checking systems, franchise management systems, has worked for various digital and advertising agencies, online schools and directed a team abroad so he has a wide, robust and varied history.

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Professional experience (in years): 12 + years

Key Skills and Tools: PHP, ASP, JavaScript (including modern frameworks) and other front-end technologies.

Hourly rate (including 10c fees): $88 p/hour + GST

If you want more info about this person or you want to hire them, please email or call the 10collective Contract Manager on 03 9935 9409.

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