Role: Designer
Ref: 15385492
Location: Melbourne, VIC
Availability: 1 – 2 weeks

I’m a web and print designer with a focus on branding and I have a passion for photography!

This designer has been freelancing since 2011 and has the backing of being a Web and Print Designer, as well as an Account Manager and professional Photographer.

Her most recent projects include the branding for a payments application, designing responsive websites for an online bookstore, car and boat retailers as well as providing branding solutions for jewelry, make-up and cosmetic companies.
We’ve been working with her on a number of projects to rave reviews particularly for the work she undertook to help an agency prepare for a pitch. She’s highly rated and comes across as ambitious, professional, positive and a straight-down-the-line kind of a designer. We like her a lot.

Professional experience (in years): 7+ years

Key Skills and Tools: Graphic Design, Digital Design, Branding, Photography

Hourly rate (including 10c fees): $70 per hour + GST

If you want more info about this person or you want to hire them, please email Community Resource Manager or call the 10collective Contract Manager on 03 9935 9409.

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