eCommerce Manager


Role: eCommerce Manager
Ref: 31288502
Location: Melbourne, VIC
Availability: 1 – 2 weeks

A hardworking, creative and lateral thinker awaits your call – let me manage your eCommerce site today!

This eCommerce Manager is an all-rounder with design, front-end, marketing and experience publishing across many different content management systems. He has worked on the design, development, administration and marketing of online stores, designed and delivered eDMs, understands and can implement SEO and SEM and has media experience.

He’s worked with insurance clients, publications and online retail projects as Designer, Client Manager and tech support. This eCommerce Manager is available now to help train, publish, liaise and work with your team to ensure all your website is cracking!

Professional experience (in years): 10+ years

Key Skills and Tools: Adobe Creative Suite, CMS experience, HTML, CSS, Social Media, Marketing

Hourly rate (including 10c fees): $75 p/h+ GST

If you want more info about this person or you want to hire them, please email or call the office 03 9935 9409.

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