Green Renters Visit 10collective

August 20, 2013 | By Felicity Cull

Recently Cate from Green Renters came into 10collective for a visit. We drank some wine and had a chat about how to make our office more sustainable, and then Cate showed us how to pot a little plant for our desks!

Green Renters are a not-for-profit organisation that was born from frustration at the fact that most good products that help you live a more sustainable lifestyle are marketed towards homeowners. When you’re a renter, it’s a lot harder to make changes to your home so that energy bills remain reasonable and you don’t use more resources heating and cooling than you have to. Nowadays Green Renters do workshops for all sorts of people on a wide variety of topics, from pickling to office sustainability to how to make your own bath products.

We had a great time and we learned a lot about how to have less impact on the environment while at work. Cate had a lot of really useful advice and some interesting stories to tell. The tip we really took away was that a small gap under a doorway can be similar to having a whole brick missing from a wall! Door snakes are your friend.

If you want to learn all about how to make your office space sustainable, you should get in contact with them!