It’s time to open our doors again…

November 1, 2013 | By Georgie Carpenter

Generally, when you talk or think about recruiters, the resulting effect on others is a collective sigh of exasperation. The usual clichés form in the mind in a split second – a wide tie, a black compendium, a permanent yet insincere smile, and little or no knowledge of technology or even human nature, really. The list doesn’t stop there I’m afraid.

So, why don’t people sigh when they think about 10collective? After all, it’s still a recruitment agency. We still find people jobs and speak to clients and format CVs and interview job hunters and, ahem, make money.

The answer, I believe, is because we hire people who are aware of the industry’s pitfalls, and actually get off their arses to change the status quo, amongst other things.

Have you been in the recruitment industry for the last few years? Have you found that you could very much enjoy and succeed in the job if you could just do it in a company where you actually liked and respected the people you worked with? Where the pressures of the job are actually somewhat alleviated because the company takes the time to ensure that your head won’t spontaneously combust? Where quality actually matters as much as quantity?

10collective is that company. It’s a recruitment agency that isn’t aligned to the recruitment world. We align ourselves with the communities we serve. We’ve taken the time to look at the usual practises, and we’ve taken the best parts and dumped the rest. And it’s all been rather successful.

The job – the company and the culture – really does demand intelligence, emotional intelligence, aptitude, adaptability and efficiency, but we also demand a bit of cheek, a lot of humour and (did I mention?) we leave our egos at the door.

I could write a list of the things you need or don’t need to do this job. But I’m hoping the right person knows what those things are just by reading what I’ve written above and gets what I’m trying to say. And if you do, the job is yours.

So, if you’re itching for something a little different in this recruitment world, then please do call me. I’m Georgie. I’m the owner of the company. I’d be happy to take you through what we are looking for and see if that matches what you are looking for.