Meet the most tenacious 10collectivist – Georgie Carpenter

July 13, 2015 | By Priya Bhana

Having accidentally stumbled into the land of recruitment nearly 12 years ago, Georgie discovered the weird and wonderful world of Creative Technology. She founded 10collective and it is in rude health some 7 years later. She likes Mini Coopers, Cockfight Shootout, the colour Black and the number 58.

Apparently, she’s charmingly direct, and has been known to settle scores over games of scrabble. And we asked her to tell us who she’d invite to a dead celeb dinner party. Read on….


Etta James

What a spunk. And a punk. Totally tormented, mostly misunderstood, a touch angry, and talented as hell. I heard a story that she was once so nervous auditioning; she blockaded herself in a bathroom, sang her little heart out to the small gathering through the door, and still nailed it. I feel she was a feisty introvert and that makes her perspective most welcome and likely super colourful in conversation over my Granny’s Burmese Chicken Curry.


Dinah Washington

Once, when a reporter told her she was nice, she hit the roof, and declared herself the opposite. Love it. Who wants to be just ‘nice’? To be so inoffensive, that’s offensive right? She would be more than welcome at my table – I don’t serve vanilla at my dinners.


Amy Winehouse

I love a cockney accent and she’d be dropping her t’s and littering f-bombs all over the conversation. We’d be cracking up, and bantering about the most inappropriate shit, reaching some sort of conversational crescendo, then abruptly hitting an intense vulnerable moment, where Etta would reach across and hold Amy’s hand, Dinah would say something comforting in her buttery, melodic voice, and then we’d all sing the harmonies in The Everley Brothers’ Crying in the Rain. And the laughter would begin again.


Sam Cooke

I just want to tell him that Rod Stewart totes practiced Sam’s style of phrasing for years to emulate him, and that his music has absolutely saved me in my most darkest moments. And tell him that I just don’t understand why he had a little red rooster. What did he mean? Is it as lewd as it comes across to me?!


Robin Williams

Who wouldn’t want at least one dinner guest who could make a gorilla his pal


Richey Edwards (Manic Street Preachers)

Apart from being an absolute sucker for a man who wears eyeliner, Richie needs to be at dinner because of the eye-candy factor. But also… the mystery factor. I just want Richie to explain where he’s been all these years? How did he pull off the greatest musical disappearance in Welsh history and how’s he going nowadays?