Meet our new Practice Coordinator – Marney Shepherd

February 3, 2016 | By Marney Shepherd

Marney comes from an executive administration and recruiting background, but try not to hold that against her! In fact, if you hold anything against her, make sure it’s a cashmere coat or the like. An avid lover of all things clothing, shoe and handbag related, and she’s a self confessed shopaholic. Snowboarder, music lover, wine and foodie, plus enjoys the odd bout of that thing called exercise, Marney joins the team as our Practice Coordinator. Oh and we asked her to tell us who she’d invite to a celebrity dinner party. Read on….

David Bowie

This is a no brainer. I think the world wept when he passed away recently. Such pure genius and an artist across so many industries, not just music. We nearly called our son Ziggy … true story. Poor kid made a slim getaway on that one. They don’t make them like Bowie anymore and I admit to a schoolgirl crush when I first saw him as the Goblin King in Labyrinth. Am I alone there? Maybe he’d agree to wear his tights to dinner.

Dave Grohl

I love the Foo Fighters. Musicians (and I mean the kind that play instruments and write music) are a dying breed and we need to keep music alive. Everlong, Learn to Fly, The Best of You … hello?! Plus he played with Nirvana back in the day (young kids of today know nothing about music roots), a la the invite below. There’s also something about the beard …

Kurt Cobain

Aside from further music awesomeness, I thought a catch up between Dave and Kurt would be cool. I mean, who doesn’t want to know what really happened to Kurt Cobain and did he commit suicide or *gasp* was it a conspiracy orchestrated by the men in black? or Courtney Love if you believe some. And where did Kurt get so many shaggy mohair cardigans? As a tortured soul he may make a rather morose dinner guest, but that aside, he may perk up for some chocolate mousse.

Nicole Richie

This is a bit left of field but I like Nicole Richie (totes BFF’s on insta). Her show is quite funny if you take it with a sack of salt (keep your pinch for someone less sarcastic), and she doesn’t take herself or her role and life as a ‘celebrity’ too seriously.  I like that. She seems fun and silly and irreverent and I think she would be an amusing dinner guest who would probably dance on the table. Plus her style is A-1.

Liam and Noel Gallagher (can I count them together?)

Who wouldn’t want some stroppy, grouchy muso’s at their dinner? Liam would be slouching in his chair drinking red wine looking moody, and Noel would talk about his band High Flying Birds and being on tour again (sibling rivalry?). Halfway through dinner Liam might throw a chair across the room and Noel would storm out telling us we’re all gobshites. What a blast!

Nigella Lawson

I’ve always thought she seemed lovely and earthy and fabulous, like a really good cab sav. Plus she might agree to cook something – otherwise we are having toasties and chocolate crackles. Potentially Marco Pierre White may be a better fit with the above guests, but I suspect Nigella can hold her own and drop a good f*bomb if called for.