A Festive Message & Xmas Round-up From The Head Honcho

December 18, 2015 | By Georgie Carpenter

Everyone starts off these end of year round ups with “Well it’s been a big year…” and then every great achievement is recorded and we all clap in congratulations!

Well, please clap for 10collective and yourselves, because in so many ways you’ve helped us, as a team, build something crazy, creative and wonderful. I couldn’t really have asked for more kindness, collaboration, generosity and education from you to have brought us to this rather successful outcome.

Firstly, Alex got engaged. Then Lloyd got engaged. Then I perpetrated an embarrassing Kirby Misperten (Douglas Adams fans will know what I mean). Properly launched our Consultancy Services and delivered some mad iOS and UX projects. Survived a few little hospital visits. Lloyd killed a mouse we found in the boardroom. We managed to deliver over 450 requests for Talent and Solutions!! We had a grand party in July for everyone we had ever found a job for, or used on a project, or who had provided us with education and kindness, basically OUR FRIENDS.

Then WE WENT AND GOT OURSELVES ACQUIRED. Hell YES! By RXP Services – only the fastest growing mid tier Professional Services company in Australia with outposts overseas! Now we’re the baby sister creative arm of a grand group of authentic, genuinely nice crew, who are delivering some rather interesting and engaging Tech Solutions around. I’m pretty proud. Kinda weird being an Employee again. But I’ll work it out 🙂

Which leads me into a little introduction. My new boss is ROSS FIELDING. Or, as we call him, BOSS FIELDING. He’s the guy who runs this $108m dollar ASX listed group – while simultaneously updating us with his Curtain Hangin’, Golfin’, house renovatin’, sports mad ways. He hails from a family of 16 kids and whose parents still live in the same house they had since the first kid was born! He’s real. And as you all know, 10collective has always heralded the individual and the human. This individual is a goodie. I hope you get to know him through us more next year. He says hello 10c friends!

Special Shout Outs:
To Robine for taking on the mad role of Consulting Practice Manager LIKE A BOSS.
To Priya, for organising our socials and nurturing our community in the best way she knows how to – chatter and good energy.
To Adam, who has resourced like a champ this year.
To Lloydy, who has achieved and learned so much and who sportingly accepts our teasing giving it back in good humour.
To Alex, steady as rock Al.
To my UX crew – you know who you are: your resilience and determination has been inspiring.
To my App crew – thanks for having our back, we’ve got yours too.

And finally to Jaws, who has not only managed to tour TWO ALBUM LAUNCHES THIS YEAR (The Meanies and The Casanovas – go buy them albums!) but has managed to be the backbone for our crew delivering on every little contract, every little detail, spelling everyone’s names right, never missing a beat. He’s the one who has steadfastly worked like a horse, without a complaint, without an ego, trooping forward in the background while everyone else runs about like a blue arsed fly. We love you Jaws.

OK. Enough of the gush. Too. Much. Emotion. For. Christmas.

Here’s something intense and brilliant for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0u4M6vppCI

Love to you always,
Georgie and the 10collective (part of the RXP Group don’t forget!) Crew xxx