P.s. This is Awesome

September 25, 2013 | By Georgie Carpenter

This one time I went to my brother Charlie’s wedding and met a guy called Fionn (not pictured above). Having imbibed far too many tequilas, I thought he said Theon. You know, from Game of Thrones. So for the rest of the night, whenever I saw Fionn, I yelled, “PROTECT THE KING!” I am seriously that funny. Alcohol, it’s a helluva thing.

Anyway, Charlie and Fionn went on to form part of a team that have developed this beautiful little app called Ps.Postcards.  I don’t know any of the other crew involved yet, but I’m fairly sure they’re all mighty fine peeps. (Hello you guys! Let’s have a drink when I’m in London next!)

I thought I’d tell you the above little story for integrity’s sake because I am TOTALLY biased while plugging this app for a number of reasons, a) Charlie is my brother b) Fionn has a cool name from the Days of Yore and c) This app solves a little first world problem I’ve had ever since I learned how beautiful it is to give and get postcards.

As Melbourne exits the cruel grey of winter and gets smacked in the face with spring, hayfever and the flu you get whenever the season changes, the little face lick tease we can get from the weather can do the opposite of what you’d expect it to. It can make you want to leave town. You’ve just been reminded how beautiful life can be with the blooming of a flower, and a ray of sunlight streaming in through the window bathing your rooms with the ethereal light of the fairies, and you’re like, whatever, get me out of here. I’ve just realised I’m knackered.

So you boot off to Asia – because let’s face it, holidaying in Australia is WELL EXPENSIVE – and once you’re there you want to tell all your friends about it. Because you’re mean and thoughtful like that. In 100% humidity you dash around the shops, the inside of your thighs are rubbing, and your hair has boofed into the biggest mass of fuzzy curls you’ve ever experienced, and after 2 or 3 hours you find a stall with some postcards depicting some really horrid steroid bound muscle boys from the 80s. That’s kinda ironic, you think, and your mates will understand the joke. So that’s what you go with. You take the precious muscle boys back to the hotel and write silly things on them like “I Love Lamp” and you’re totally happy with yourself because you’ve written some postcards for your pals. Then it’s the evening and it’s time for a Tsing Tao and you’re done and accomplished and fabulous.

Then it’s the morning. And you have to buy some stamps.

Then you have to find a post office.

Then you get home from your holiday and nobody gets your postcard for at least another 5 months.

You see the problems I have? This app solves these problems. Apparently from what I’ve been told (and even if it’s not true, I don’t care, because my brother totally made this app), when you use Ps.Postcards to send a postcard it will actually reach your destination in Australia within 2 – 6 days.  AusPost takes 3 – 8 days. That’s right, Ps.Postcards wins!

So, as a bugger load of Aussies are about to go on holiday, why don’t you download the app on your iPhone, write your family and pals a few messages while you sun yourself, but do so on an e-postcard that has a picture of something that will actually mean something to you. You can be safe in the knowledge that an ACTUAL REAL PAPER postcard will arrive to the intended recipient before you get home.

The first two people to download it, review it on the app store and post that review on this blog post, will get one of the last two 10collective hats we have. That’s right. THE LAST TWO. Lucky you. Oh yeah, and you have to be nice. Sorry, this is my brother we’re talking about!

Muscly Nude Dude Postcard courtesy of Tony Alder on Flickr.