Punch Air with The Meanies before the tour!

April 21, 2016 | By Priya Bhana

Following the success of their first album in 21 years, “It’s Not Me, It’s You”, (Poison City Records) The Meanies had a fantastic year but as it turns out, it was twice a well received in Spain! So an online publication there called Mondo Sonoro, were given the honors on the world exclusive of their new video.

So our beloved Jaws is off on tour real soon but before they leave for Spain The Meanies are doing a cheeky little gig at a band favourite, the Old Bar, 74 Johnston St, Fitzroy on Tuesday April 26. Turn up a little earlier to catch Tankerville and Wet Lips before The Meanies blast you into next week.

If you wanna see some sex on film check out The Meanies newest clip, ‘Punchin Air’. It was made by the rad Farmwalker Films, who not only made The Meanies last clip for ’There’s a Gap” but also did the King Parrot videos you all know and love.

Go well on tour boys, have fun with the Money For Rope guys and we’ll see you at the pub on Tuesday.