Tettmann.Doust at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

August 28, 2013 | By Felicity Cull

Tettmann.Doust, Melbourne fashionistas Elke Doust and Naomi Tettmann, are debuting their Spring/Summer ’13/14 Collection Nova Sequence at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Their collection will be shown at MSFW Designer Runway 2 on Wednesday September 4th.

Tettmann.Doust garments are incredibly beautiful. The designers use prints that are actually created by a computer program called Ultra Fractal that generates designs based on mathematical equations. The results are a cross between ethereal and tough. You should have a sneak peak at the collection here. I have my eye on the scarves, since a print onesie would look a bit funny on me…

You can buy tickets for the show here. Come along! We’ll see you there.