The Day of Doctor Who?

November 12, 2013 | By Felicity Cull

Did you see the trailers for the Doctor Who special that celebrates the fact that on November the 23rd 1963 the first episode was aired? No? Well, as reported by PC Mag, here they are;


It looks like some interesting story lines are about to be developed and there’s some Doctor Who brand laughs. I want to know more about The Moment and – for the record – I missed the fez a lot more than I have been enjoying the bow ties.

I don’t know though, some of the sparkle of the show has been lost for me over the last few months. Maybe the hairy arm pitted femmo in me is still upset that it looks like we’ll never get a female Doctor. Maybe I’m still upset that David Ten Inch, oops I mean David Tennant, is no longer the Doctor. Maybe I’m upset by the fact that the writer Steven Moffat – who created Linda from Press Gang who is a feminist icon as far as I am concerned – turned out to be such an utterly sexist dick.

But… I have to confess to looking forward to seeing this anyway. After all, I did genuinely contemplate buying a $60 Tom Baker scarf on the weekend. So, am I going to #SaveTheDay? Yeah, probably.

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