Networking in the Tinder age

October 21, 2014 | By Lloyd Berry

(Un)fortunately there’s not a lot of single people in the 10collective offices at the moment and this means certain technologies have passed us by. We’re not contributing to the 800 million swipes per day on Tinder, we’re not meeting people on Blendr and we’re definitely not sending snaps on Mixxxr. So what are the solutions for professionals to get their swiping fix?


Around here we’ve been road-testing a great new app called Networkr, which combines all the swipeyness of Tinder with the personal branding of LinkedIn. The creators were some User Experience specialists from the UK agency, Nodes who decided to go it alone with their new app. The idea is that you can swipe ‘yes’ with like-minded professionals in your area and then use that connection to help grow your network (the app is integrated with your LinkedIn profile).

Last night, we were at the Melbourne PHP Users Group Meet-up and we realised this is the exact setting where a large group of Networkr users would be handy. We’ve found that there’s always a great mix of new Developers at these Meet-ups and often they’re new to Australia, trying to find some contacts in the local web community. Networkr is a great way for them to connect with Developers with similar interests.

Networkr is not the first app in the market for these kinds of things though – there’s also an app from a New-York start-up called Coffee, which allows prospective employers to find staff. People can list their experience and their salary expectations, and swipe ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for jobs in their area. Of course, this can become a bit awkward when you’re trying to find staff and you find your own employees on there looking for jobs. Almost as awkward as finding your partner on Tinder…

Image courtesy of Thinslices